Honourary Members

Honourary Membership in CIFA is conferred on professionals who have distinguished themselves in the field of Forensic Accounting and associated practices, as leaders and exemplars in their own rites.


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Stephen Baker is an English barrister and Jersey advocate. He is senior partner at Baker & Partners. He specialises in asset recovery actions, particularly those involving political corruption and the unravelling of offshore structures.

He is expert in the interaction between civil and criminal asset recovery procedure. He has a speciality in unravelling complicated offshore trust and company structures including those involving central and South America.

While in private practice he has acted on behalf of the National Accountability Bureau of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in cases centred upon former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and her husband Afzal Zardari. He also acted in a series of other matters including that involving Happy Minwalla, a case involving bribes allegedly paid by a major airline.

For the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission of Kenya he acted in a case involving Samuel Gichuru the CEO of Kenyan Power and Lighting Corporation. He advised the Attorney General of Guernsey regarding assets held to the benefit of Pavel Lazarenko the former Premier of Ukraine. He has experience of investigating the corrupt involvement of western corporations with senior Middle Eastern Ministers. He is retained on behalf of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He also acts for private corporations who have been the victim of corruption including corrupt boards of directors.

While in government service at the Attorney General of Jersey’s office Stephen was responsible for the uncovering, investigation and institution of criminal proceedings against persons who had laundered the proceeds of corruption under the Abacha regime. This has led to the recovery of over $300 million. A further $500 million is expected to be recovered.

He is the Jersey representative of FraudNet, the fraud prevention network of the ICC Commercial Crime Services.