CIFA Consulting (International) LLC

Forensic Accountants & Business Advisors


Who We Are

The Caribbean Institute of Forensic Accounting (CIFA) is the only Caribbean-based Institute dedicated to providing anti-fraud and forensic accounting training throughout the region. Established in 2008, CIFA has provided training to industry professionals in approximately one hundred organizations spanning eleven Caribbean territories.


CIFA Consulting was established in 2012 in Trinidad & Tobago and has been a premier firm, providing forensic accounting advisory services throughout the Caribbean and also in International territories, representing financial institutions, governments, and state-owned enterprises, private and public sector companies, law firms, law enforcement, energy companies, and individual clients, in the areas of forensic accounting, asset tracing, asset recoveries, financial fraud, advisory, and litigation support.


Our forensic accounting team has effectively been deployed to investigate financial transactions, trace assets, build a damages model, and support in-court filings and litigation.


Our methodology is limited to identifying financial discrepancies and determining who, what, where, when, and how.


More importantly, our combination of auditing, fraud, and systems expertise provides a cutting-edge service in litigation support, accounting investigations, damage calculations, computer forensics and reconstruction of accounting records.


Leveraging experience gained from being involved in numerous and most recognizable corruption and fraud cases in the Caribbean and Internationally, CIFA Consulting (International) LLC is our Nevis based Advisory firm with offices in St. Kitts & Nevis, Grenada, and Barbados, that will be serving the Eastern Caribbean and our International clients in Audit, Assurance, Management, and Advisory services.


Skills and Expertise


Our individual team members have been substantially responsible for the recovery of millions of USD of assets from a variety of white-collar crimes. Our advisory has been crucial to the successful recovery of the proceeds of corruption in many countries.


Our expertise, as highlighted above, includes all forms of forensic accounting, financial fraud auditing including, compliance auditing of suspect contracts, forensic accounting, damages calculations and reconstruction of accounting records (business valuation). We have the ability and capacity to identify and secure evidence of, as well as trace hidden assets through systematic analysis of a wide range of data repositories around the globe with strategically targeted inquiries. We can also provide an extensive range of assistance on anti-corruption-related matters covering pre-transaction, post-acquisition integration, and ongoing monitoring.


Additionally, with financial and asset misappropriation on the rise we can execute the following;


We have unparalleled experience in bringing and defending major international fraud claims and asset recovery actions before the courts.


With intelligent strategies to fight organized crime, our contract compliance audits are a valuable component of finding and preventing fraud in the energy, public, and procurement sector.


We combat financial terrorism by combining local, regional, and international experience in anti-money laundering, CFT sanctions, and compliance to proactively improve the quality of due diligence by the financial community in today’s marketplace.


Using our well-established global network of agents and contacts, we can undertake due diligence and investigative research in several worldwide jurisdictions, including the Caribbean, North & South America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Our Practices Area

Forensic and Investigatory Services

  •   Expert Dispute Resolution
  •   Insurance Solutions
  •   Forensic Accounting & Auditing
  •   Asset Tracing
  •   Due Diligence
  •   Document Examination
  • Contract & Procurement Audits
  •   Special Investigations
  •   Litigation Funding


 Computer Forensics and Information Security

  •   Digital Forensics and Investigations
  •   Cyber Security
  •   Data Backup and Recovery
  •   Information Security Assessments
  •   Incident Response


 AML & Regulatory Compliance

  •   Regulatory Investigations
  •   AML/CFT Audit & Compliance Advisory
  •   AML Risk Assessment


 Legal Services

  •   Entity Formation and Licensing
  •   Corporate Restructuring
  •   Intellectual Property Protection
  •   Corporate Governance
  •   Liquidations and Dissolutions
  •   Peer Reviews

Our Advisory Services


  •   Statutory Audit
  •   Compilations and Reviews
  •   Internal Audit
  •   Internal Control Reviews
  •   Operational and Performance Audits


 Accounting & Tax

  •   Accounting Advisory
  •   Payroll
  •   Tax Compliance
  •   International Tax
  •   Transfer Pricing
  •   Management Reporting


 Management advisory

  •   Corporate Finance/Deals
  •   Transaction Services
  •   IT Solutions
  •   Public Sector Reform
  •   Corporate Recovery
  •   Mergers & Acquisitions
  •   Risk Management
  •   Business Valuation