Honourary Members

Honourary Membership in CIFA is conferred on professionals who have distinguished themselves in the field of Forensic Accounting and associated practices, as leaders and exemplars in their own rites.




Margaret specialises in public procurement law, anti-corruption and governance and has practised in the Commonwealth Caribbean since 1995. Margaret established Rose Law Caribbean the first virtual law firm in the Caribbean and represents citizens pursuing public interest matters and social entrepreneurs. Margaret has founded serial initiatives geared toward empowering citizens to become more effective in their engagement in public governance and as guardians of the public interest. (www.roselawcaribbean.com)

Margaret is the Co Founder and Executive Director of Caribbean Procurement Institute (CPI) a leading provider of specialist procurement law and anti-corruption education, capacity building and consulting in the Caribbean and serves on the board of the Caribbean Association of Procurement Professionals (CAPP) aimed at supporting policymakers, professionals and practitioners to become more fair, open, efficient and accountable in managing and spending public resources. (www.caribbeanprocurementinstitute.com)

Margaret is also the founder of the award-wining social governance platform Disclosure Today – Transparency on Demand (www.disclosure.today)