FRD 510: Principles of Fraud Examination

FRD 510: Principles of Fraud Examination


March 4, 2023    
12:00 am
March 4,11,18,25 & April 1,15 2023 | 9:00 am

FEES: USD$800.00

Principles of Fraud Examination provide a wealth of informative and entertaining insights into the complex social factors behind fraudulent behavior.

The course also provides a broad overview of the field of Fraud Examination – from what fraud is, to how it is committed, detected and deterred.

Coverage begins with an explanation of fraud examination methodology, followed by a detailed examination of the most prevalent fraud schemes used by employees, owners, managers, and executives.

Topics to be covered are:

• Skimming
• Cash Larceny
• Billing Schemes
• Check Tampering
• Payroll Schemes
• Expense Reimbursement Schemes
• Register Disbursement Schemes
• Non-Cash Assets
• Corruption
• Accounting Principles and Fraud
• Fraudulent Financial Statement Schemes
• Interviewing Witnesses
• Conducting Investigations and Report Writing
• Occupational Fraud and Abuse: The Big Picture
• Handwriting Analysis
• Fraud Risk Assessment


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