CRM 504 Criminal Interrogation And Confession

CRM 504 Criminal Interrogation And Confession


September 9, 2023    
12:00 am
SEPTEMBER 09, 16, 23, 30 & OCTOBER 07,14 2023 | 9:00 am

FEES: USD$800.00

To be successful as a fraud examiner, you must be able to conduct effective interviews, draw out the truth from suspects and identify stages of deception. You may explore supplemental options to your current practice with included class discussions with field applications.

Criminal Interrogation and Confessions includes transcripts from actual interviews and interrogations, as well as communication examples from other sources that reflect those times when one person communicated with another and the exchange provided learning material.

Ancient and historical sources from modern-day concepts of inquiry, persuasion, and deception are also explored.

Topics to be covered are:

• Distinctions between Interviews and Interrogations
• Obtaining and Evaluating Factual Information
• Case Solution Possibilities
• Precautionary Measures for the Protection of the Innocent
• Privacy and the Interview Room
• Qualifications, Attitude & General Conduct for the Investigator
• Preparation & Starting the Interview
• Formulating Interview Questions
• Behaviour Symptom Analysis
• Precautions when Evaluating Behaviour Symptoms of Truthful and Untruthful Subjects
• The Behaviour Analysis Interview
• The Use of Specialized Questioning Techniques
• The Reid Nine Steps of Interrogation
• Recommendations for Interrogators
• Distinguishing Between True &False Confessions
• Testifying on a Confession
• Interrogation Law
• Confession Law


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