CIFA’s In House Training

CIFA’s In House Training

Customised programs to match your company’s needs

CIFA’s In-house training is a cost effective way to enhance the professional development of your staff. Our programs are also a great way to communicate established company goals.

Our Lecturers are internationally trained and will bring to you years of experience on the front lines of the fight against fraud.


With so many benefits to offer, CIFA’s anti-fraud in-house training is ranked #1 in the Caribbean as being viable for developing, focusing and motivating personnel.

  • Convenient: On Site Training is conducted at a time that works with your team’s schedule.
  • Cost Effective: Hosting a CIFA onsite training session cost less than sending a group of people to an off-site training event.
  • Motivating: The shared learning experience provides a valuable opportunity for team building and increasing staff motivation and morale.

Choose From a Wide Range of Topics including:

Conducting Internal Investigations
From receiving the initial allegation to testifying as a witness, this course will prepare you for every step of an internal investigation of fraud.

Auditing for Internal Fraud
Learn the fundamentals of auditing for fraud with an emphasis on understanding common schemes, legal elements, detection techniques and prevention.

Professional Interviewing Skills
Learn the art of inquiry and persuasion. Ask the major interview questions and avoid interview pitfalls.

Money Laundering: Tracing Illicit Funds
Increase your ability to identify unknown sources of income, money laundering and offshore banking.